On the Way to a Handsome Prince

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princess-kissing-frog for web                                     ON THE WAY TO A HANDSOME PRINCE    

As a frequent Buyers’ Agent, I often work with first-time Buyers, and we typically tour a lot of homes that are either unfit for purchase, or simply – well, ugly. But then, that moment comes when a particular home just resonates with the Buyers – they get all doe-eyed with excitement, I can feel the electricity in the air, and I reconnect with one of the most fabulous reasons that I am in this business: setting young people on the path to home ownership. 

Then a buyer says, “I’d like to bring my (parents, fiancé, best friend, contractor buddy, etc.) through to show them this one!”

This is where I reply, “Absolutely – just let me know which other 3 listings you’d like me to show them, as well as a time when they can block out a couple of hours, and I’ll get right on it!”

Chances are, the parents, best friend, fiancé, etc., have either never purchased a home, or they made their own purchase in an entirely different market, at an entirely different time, than my clients are in; if these new parties don’t see at least some of the homes that were rejected as well as the chosen one, then they’re just not going to have the proper perspective.

By handling it this way, I make sure that everyone has to kiss the same frogs, so they’re able to better appreciate the sweet surprise of finding the handsome prince.

Colleen Hammond, Realtor

Team Leader, HammondHomeTeam 

Certified Professional Property Stager, Certified Smart Home Consultant

Coldwell Banker West Shell

Offices in Montgomery, Mason, & West Chester, OH

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